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The First Investment Platform For Art

Masterworks is opening the doors to top-tier, blue-chip art investments to everyone.

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Invest in blue-chip artwork

For the first time, you can purchase shares representing ownership of a painting similar to how you would purchase shares in a traditional company.

Masterworks are using a database of more than 1 million auction records to select artists that meet their investment objectives.

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Invest in Art

Heading down to your local crafts store and buying a canvas, some paints, and an easel is one way to invest in art – but not the way 🎨

While art owners can’t trade paintings or sculptures like a stock or bond, art is an asset class unto itself. Investors typically describe assets like art as “alternative investments”: like an ugly duckling, they’re often ignored, but many still turn into beautiful investment swans.

Other alternative investments include real estate and typically high-risk hedge funds, crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies, private equity, and venture capital. But none of these are as aesthetically pleasing as the lie that makes us realize truth; after all, you can’t put bitcoin on your wall.

We’ve produced a guide in partnership with Masterworks which outlines why and how to invest in art. You can read the guide in under 6 mins – click here to view.

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