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What's going on?

Pfizer reported better-than-expected results on Tuesday, and the pharma giant’s kid-friendly vaccination campaign should only help keep that going.

What does this mean?

Pfizer’s had stiff competition throughout the pandemic in the form of Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson, but lately it’s managed not to succumb to any of the supply chain side effects that have afflicted its vaccine rivals. It’s also not been responsible for as many regular old side effects, making it the top choice for wary vaccine-takers everywhere. That’s put the company in prime position to increase its market share in the US and Europe, which it’s done by 18% and 10% respectively since April.

That might be why revenue from Pfizer’s vaccine – which makes up nearly 55% of the firm’s total – came in better than expected last quarter, and why it beat overall revenue expectations too. The company’s feeling so healthy, in fact, that it upped its full-year forecast for vaccine sales to $36 billion – more than double the $15 billion it predicted back in February.

Why should I care?

The bigger picture: The sooner everyone’s vaccinated, the better.
Pfizer’s expecting next year to be big for vaccine sales too, especially as it expands global distribution and provides both doses for kids and boosters for the already vaccinated. The company also said it’d be upping supply to lower-income regions – including Africa, where only 6% of the population is vaccinated – going forward, which is essential if the global economy is ever going to start firing on all cylinders again.

For you personally: There are other ways to profit from vaccines.
Pfizer’s stock is up 34% in the last year, so you’re probably too late if you were hoping to benefit from the success of its vaccine. But it’s not the only way you can profit from the ongoing demand: every business involved in the vaccination process stands to benefit, from the chemical manufacturers that mass produce the doses to the transport companies that get them wherever they need to be.

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