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What You Need To Know About NFT Games, with Ledger

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NFT games have exploded onto the scene in recent years, becoming a big hit among gamers and investors alike. As you might’ve guessed, NFT games are built on decentralized blockchains, and they contain non-fungible tokens.

In the real world, owning rare NFTs conveys status. In the virtual world, blockchain games have their own in-house NFT items with different values depending on scarcity (how rare they are) and utility (how useful they are).

The two most popular NFT gaming projects by average active users are Splinterlands and Alien Worlds, so we’ll look at each as an example.

1. Splinterlands

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Splinterlands is the world’s most popular NFT game right now. It runs on the Hive blockchain, but it’s also compatible with Ethereum, Tron, and Wax. On average, around 365,000 unique wallet addresses play the game each day.

Players start with a pack of NFT cards, and each card is one of four levels: common, rare, epic, and legendary. You can use your card stack to battle other players and join quests. On top of plain old fun, there’s another reason to play: you can earn other NFTs, or more cards.

The Splinterlands home page.

You can convert those NFTs into real-world crypto profits on public marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible. And they don’t go cheap: the prices that some NFTs command takes the idea of professional game play to a whole new level.

Rare and valuable Splinterland NFT cards sold on Opensea (prices in ether).

2. 🤩 Crypto security never look so good

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When it comes to your digital investments, safety comes first. Of course, it’s always a bonus when safety comes wrapped in a pretty little package.

Just like the nifty Nano S Plus: Ledger’s latest secure wallet comes with more memory, so you can manage over 5,500 digital assets and install more than 100 apps. Check out Ledger’s Nano S Plus.

3. Alien Worlds

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Alien Worlds is an intergalactic metaverse with its own economy that runs on Trillium (TLM) tokens. Unlike NFTs, Trillium are fungible – that means they’re completely interchangeable with each token having the same value and characteristics. You can use them to buy various NFTs in the game – tools, land, minions, weapons, and so on.

At the time of writing, Alien Worlds is the second most played NFT game, with roughly 189,000 unique wallet addresses per day. The game operates on Ethereum, Wax, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The idea is to acquire NFT assets to help you earn Trillium. You could, for example, use NFT tools to mine Trillium on NFT land. And if you own land rich with Trillium deposits, you can let other players mine too – for 20% of their token rewards.

In the real world, you can buy or sell Trillium on crypto exchanges like Binance or Kucoin: it’s pretty simple to convert Trillium into regular money.

Diagram showing the complex Trillium token economy. Source:

You can also acquire NFTs during general game-play. And if you manage to bag a good one, you can sell it for a nice chunk of WAX tokens on the NFT platform Atomichub. As with Trillium tokens, you can easily convert WAX to regular money on crypto exchanges.

Prices of rare “Mythical” Alien World NFTs on

4. Final thoughts on NFT games

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NFT games provide financial incentives to gamers – both in the real world, and in virtual ones. Splinterlands and Alien Worlds are just two pioneering examples of this.

As blockchain technology evolves, it’s likely to become even more integrated with gaming. That’s a $200 billion industry, so it’s probably worth keeping an eye on how NFT games  develop. Maybe you’ll be trading your day job for 3D glasses and a gaming console in the not-too-distant future.

Key takeaways

  • NFT games are built on decentralized blockchains, and contain unique digital items (or NFTs) that offer value and utility to game players.
  • Splinterlands and Alien Worlds are the two most popular NFT games right now.
  • These incentivize players to collect NFTs, which can also be exchanged for regular money on NFT platforms.

This guide was produced in partnership with Ledger.

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