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πŸ’Έ HQ AI Investing: The Next Opportunity Beyond ChatGPT

Join Magnifi's Chief Product Officer, Tom Van Horn, to see how AI will change the way we approach investing & build healthy financial habits

πŸ’Έ HQ Co-Trading: A New Way To Beat The Market

Join Covey's CEO, Brooker Belcourt, to understand the advantages of co-trading and how to set yourself up for investing success

πŸ™Œ Community Ladies Investing Club

Join us in-person for our Investing Club in London. This month we'll be connecting women in the abrdn office.

πŸ™Œ Community Modern Investor Summit 2023

The world's leading finance event for retail investors from Finimize.

Past events

Join Daniel Naim, founder of Fennel, for a deep dive into ESG and how to use your shareholder power for positive change.

🌎 Global · Jun 8, 2023

Join the Host of the Decent Millionaire Podcast, Dara Albright, to find out where the next opportunity is for crypto investors.

🌎 Global · May 30, 2023

Join The Trading Pit co-founders Christoph Radecker and Illimar Mattus to find out how to boost your success with prop trading.

🌎 Global · May 25, 2023

Three Industries That Thrive In A Downturn

🌍 Global · May 23, 2023

Join our event with Kuflink's CEO, Narinder Khattoare, as he shares insights on peer-to-peer investments in UK real estate.

🌍 Global · May 18, 2023

Join Austin Hankwitz, Co-Founder & CEO of Witz Ventures, to learn all about the pros and cons of real estate investing.

🌍 Global · May 17, 2023

Join Morgan Stanley's Martijn Rats and VanEck's Shawn Reynolds, to deep dive on the next trends for and opportunities for the energy sector.

🌍 Global · May 16, 2023

Join IG's Chief Market analyst, Chris Beauchamp, who'll share how new investors can level themselves up to achieve financial freedom.

🌍 Global · May 4, 2023

Join Serotonin founder and CEO, Amanda Cassatt, for a discussion about the next opportunity in crypto.

🌍 Global · May 2, 2023

Understand why investing is a feminist issue and how to power up your pension with Hargreaves Lansdown's Maike Currie.

🌍 Global · Apr 25, 2023

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